Orange scones with brown butter and orange glaze

Things that have not been around for a long time are scones. I already have some recipes in the blog and the same things are with me so only in exceptions. So far you can find me: classic scones, blueberry cream scones, quince scones with maple syrup and almonds, scones with raspberries, pistachios and white chocolate, scones with cherry filling, rhubarb buttermilk scones and strawberry cream scones. 7 varieties, there should really be something for every taste. And we covered spring, summer and fall perfectly. What is missing? The winter, exactly! So I thought back and forth and ended up at Orangen inevitably. Sweet, juicy organic oranges. In addition there is a glaze of brown butter and orange juice and there they are, the perfect winter scones: orange scones!

 Recipe for Delicious Orange Scones with Brown Butter Orange Glaze by

I still think of scones as THE perfect breakfast pastry. Whether breakfast or brunch and whether you are alone or have guests. Scones are lightning-fast and made from just a few ingredients, stirred together, baked to perfection and taste warm and fresh at their best. I do not like storing them so much, instead I'd rather freeze them fresh and then bake them again. I've already published a detailed picture tutorial on how to make the dough: bake scones - step by step.

Here, then, with a delicious orange flavor. For this, I finely rubbed the peel of organic oranges and stirred with a little orange juice under the dough. In the glaze come again the delicious orange aroma and you have the perfect breakfast in winter. Plus a freshly squeezed orange juice, nothing more is just not possible. Have a nice cup of cake and have a good appetite!

recipe for delicious orange scones with brown butter and orange glaze from

Orange scones with brown butter and orange glaze

Orange scones with brown butter and orange glaze

Portions: 8


  • 350 g of flour
  • 75 g of sugar
  • 2 t of tartar baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 100 g of cold butter in pieces
  • finely chopped zest of 2 organic oranges
  • 1 egg
  • 100 g of sour cream
  • 75 g of orange juice caught span>
  • Flour for the worktop
  • 50 g Butter
  • finely chopped peel of 1 organic orange
  • 2 tablespoons of orange juice
  • ca. 150 g icing sugar


1 Preheat the oven to 190 ° C top and bottom heat and place a baking tray with parchment paper.

Flour, Sugar, Mix baking soda and salt well in a large bowl.It should develop a crumbly consistency. I simply put everything in the Thermomix and mixed 3 x 1 second on the turbo level. Then pour into a bowl.


In a small bowl, whisk the egg briefly with the whisk, then stir the sour cream and orange juice under the egg.


Pour the Schmand mixture into the mixing bowl and stir together with the flour mixture with a wooden spoon, short and strong. Do not stir too long, but only until the flour is lifted. You do not have to make a smooth dough.


Take the dough out of the bowl and place it on the lightly floured work surface. Gently form into a circle and press lightly. Now divide a cake with a big knife into 8 equal pieces. Slightly offset the scones and place them on the baking tray with a little space. Bake in the lower third of the oven for about 25-30 minutes until the orange scones are lightly browned.


In the meantime, prepare the glaze:

7 Heat the butter over medium heat in a small pan until lightly browned and smelling nutty. Allow to cool slightly, then mix with orange zest and orange juice. Mix with a whisk so much sieved powdered sugar until a creamy consistency is formed.

Take the orange scones directly from the tin and put them on a wire rack. Spread the glaze while still warm and serve lukewarm or chilled.