My 10 favorite recipes on the blog

Regularly friends, readers or colleagues ask me about my favorite recipe. Every time I am unprepared for this question. It used to be a breeze in the truest sense of the word - who never had pizza or spaghetti bolognese as their absolute favorite food? Today, I find it incredibly difficult. When I'm on the road and somewhere on the map is "Fish & Chips" this is my first choice. Nice with malt vinegar and pea puree. But when it comes to the question of my favorite recipe in the blog, I have to fit. Right from the start, I come up with 50 favorite recipes. I can maybe narrow it down to 30. And then I cry for each further canceled recipe until I come to the following result: My 10 favorite recipes on the blog!

Who calls for such nastiness? Sure, it was Steph from the curio shop. And that's why today you not only find my 10 favorite recipes, but also those of various other bloggers who have just broken their heads like me. In my opinion, you will find the links to the other bloggers. I bet you'll also find new favorite recipes!

How to choose a Top 10 from hundreds of recipes?

The decision for my 10 favorite recipes is completely subjective and emotionally charged , I could have wonderfully brought the list to 30 recipes and write a novel for every recipe. I still cry for the 20 recipes that did not make it to the list. The list is also in a completely arbitrary order - there is no number 1, but 10 times the number 1. And therefore no numbering. The recipes are not selected by click frequency or user rating, I know the number of clicks to the individual recipes also not at all. These are recipes that I especially like, where I really like the pictures that I'm particularly proud of or that I have a special connection to.

My 10 favorite recipes on the blog

My 10 Favorite Recipes on the Blog - Pan Pizza by

Pan Pizza

The Pan Pizza is one of my absolute favorite recipes of the year. It is unlike any Italian pizza, but the combination of the ultimate crispy-loose soil and spicy topping is just great. The preparation is absolutely child's play and the recipe well prepared. Cooking in the heavy iron pan first on the stove, then in the hot oven, guarantees a successful result. We have often prepared the pizza during our lunch break in the office. Absolute Nachmachempfehlung!

My 10 favorite recipes on the blog - Borschtsch from the Thermomix of

borsch (vegetarian)

For decades I thought I hated beetroot. Pre-cooked in glass or plastic packaging or as a salad. I disgusted myself about it. Until I jumped over my shadow at some point for my juice book and squeezed out beetroot. Suddenly I was in love. And I trusted more and more recipes. In the meantime I have fallen for the earthy taste and the great color. An absolute highlight for me was my vegetarian borsch recipe. The combination of white cabbage, potatoes and beetroot, served with sour cream and dill, convinced me immediately. Recently I was able to enjoy Borschtsch again from Russian colleagues and was confirmed again: an absolute favorite recipe!

My 10 Favorite Recipes on the Blog - Hearty Cheesecake from

Hearty Cheesecake with Rocket

The hearty Cheesecake with cracker bottom and rocket cream cheese was also one absolute revelation.The cheesecake is incredibly powerful and therefore quite small. You can only enjoy it a bit at a time, so it goes perfectly well with a brunch buffet, for example.

My 10 favorite recipes on the blog - Classic stuffed cabbage rolls and parsley potatoes from

cabbage rolls

The recipe for classic stuffed cabbage has landed in this list because I just like it , I like the photo and I remember well how I fell in love with the recipe of Stevan Paul in the Effilee at first sight. In the implementation, I then modified it and adapted and I'm proud of the result. A classic, spiced up and just good. And this sauce!

My 10 favorite recipes on the blog - Flammkuchen with white asparagus and goat's cheese from

Tarte Flambée with White Asparagus

The recipe for the asparagus tarte is over 5 years old. And yet, I'm still excited about how great he looks. This recipe is one of those that stands for moey's kitchen. Fast, easy recipes that make a difference and are delicious. That's why it made this recipe representative in my top 10.

My 10 Favorite Recipes in the Blog - Banana Pudding by moeyskitchen .com

Banana Pudding

The banana pudding stands for memories. As much as I like to cook, I travel too. I tried the famous banana pudding in New York in the Magnolia Bakery and immediately fell for it. So I started to do it at home. And the result has become great. With each bite, I feel transported back to New York and sit with a cup of banana pudding on the edge of the fountain across from the Radio City Music Hall ...

My 10 Favorite Recipes on the Blog - Mud Cake by

Mud Cake

The Mud Cake with white chocolate and raspberries stands for all what I associate with the whole family with a Sunday. Village idyll, rustic barns and quaint houses. Loving details, colorfully mixed, high-quality crockery and cutlery. An eye for the beautiful things, cozy get-together and delicious, of all gathering food. All of this can be found in the pictures of this recipe section and all this is home and family for me.

My 10 favorite recipes on the blog - chocolate pistachio panettone from

chocolate pistachio panettone

I did not release the recipe for the panettone until the end of last year and but it quickly became an absolute darling of the past year. I love the photos and I remember well the careful preparation and the beautiful result. A fluffy pastry, delicious with every bite and able to conjure a smile on faces!

My 10 favorite recipes on the blog - Blackberry Goat Cream Cheese, Honey and Thyme from

Blackcurrant Ice Cream with Goat Cheese, Honey, and Thyme

Ice cream is one of my favorite recipes so it was clear that at least one ice cream must appear in this list. The blackberry ice cream with goat cream cheese, honey and thyme is made up of components you would never expect in an ice cream. And yet the result is great and delicious.My blog series "Muesli of the week", which led from a pure blog series to my first own cookbook and laid an absolute foundation for my further work and development. I always like to think back to the times and like to remember developing new cereal recipes.

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