Healthy Monday at - Protein Power Salat

New Year, new resolutions, or how was that? For the Healthy Monday of my dear blogger friend Petra of made a delicious salad together. It's both low-carb and high-protein, if that's what you say. I'm usually more high-carb on the way, but for Petra, I've given myself a few thoughts and created a really great winter salad. The base is crispy, short blanched kale, which is then supplemented with fried ham cubes, boiled egg, walnuts and parsley. A real protein power salad

 Recipe for Protein Power salad with kale, ham and egg from

Well, would that be something for you? Then quickly click over in Petra's blog - there you will find my recipe for the Protein Power Salad as a Healthy Monday post.

Have fun trying out: Protein Power Salad with Kale, Ham and Egg > p>