Culinary Travel Report Hamburg

Hach, I do not even know where to start.
My last blog entry is more than a month ago! That's why only a short time: I was actually sick again (no joke, the third time in a row!) And was lying in bed for 10 days whimpering until a strong antibiotic helped me to get back on my feet.
Then I was For a long weekend in Hamburg, to cure myself at the good sea air and since then I had a lot of work stress.
And that, although it is finally pretty outside, you get so slowly fresh local ingredients and I get one or the other Well, all moaning does not help, I'm going to make sure to be here again regularly, before anyone here wants to read along. No, stay ...
I'll just start now and report from my trip to Hamburg. That was really wonderful!

the Isemarkt in Hamburg Eppendorf

From 17.-20. May 2012, I'm with my loved once relatively spontaneous in the far north. He wanted to get out, I was 15 years ago in Hamburg and it offered over the celebration and Brückentag a home exchange with a friend from Hamburg an.Also we are on public holidays Thursday in the afternoon hopped into our car and just drove up the A1 , You do not need a navigation system, because it goes straight about 384 km.
And then we went on Friday really - I'm not going unprepared in THE Foodie city par excellence, no, so I'm not.
Me Was not that so in advance so clear that Cologne for cooking and eating enthusiastic people in comparison to Hamburg is more of a village!
(If I do wrong in Cologne and someone happens to know where I good freeze-dried Berries, pure powdered fruit and square tart shapes, he may gladly teach me a better and give me the ultimate tips or should be silent for ever)
And so I have the best for a wonderful Friday in Hamburg It's natural ... tadaaa ... The dear Steph from the curio shop!
Hach, that was like a 6 in the lottery. After winning a great KuLa-Care-Package at the legendary 3rd KuLa-Birthday, so I was able to try many of the delicious things, I could now find out where they came from.
So it started Friday morning in Eppendorf on the Isemarkt. The backdrop of the market under a subway viaduct is just great. With a length of almost 1km, it should also be Europe's longest open-air market. At least that's what they say.
Of course it was jam-packed on the bridge day, but the offer was really impressive. On the market, there is virtually nothing that does not exist!
I believe know, thanks to a photo made unnoticed, I looked like a little kid in the zoo, I was so excited about the offer . Steph showed me her favorite stands and of course I did not go home empty-handed. Or.But it was interesting that Steph was there and personally welcomed, hm ...
During a short walk through Eppendorf we made a detour to Burg's Kafferösterei, a beautiful little nostalgic shop.

Burg's coffee roasting in Hamburg-Eppendorf
Viola's - Stephs Tip for spices from all over the world, of course, had to be paid a visit. A really great selection!
From Eppendorf we went on to the Sternschanze, including a bit of culture including a look at the Rote Flora and a small lunch break with rhubarb spritzer and tomato mozzarella toast in one of the Portuguese street bistros opposite/p>

The Red Flora in Hamburg Schanzenviertel
 Portuguese Restaurants in the Hamburger Schanzenviertel

And while you're there, at least you have to take a look at Tim Mälzer's Bullerei.
Great building, great location , pleasant atmosphere. I really liked it, but of course the deli was well attended at lunchtime.

 Tim Mälzer in Hamburg

From there we went on to the jetties.
It was really quite we did not really want to go on the nice weather and the typical touristic harbor cruises.

 at the jetties at the Port of Hamburg

So after we walked around a bit and we were also warm we went instead to the old Elbtunnel and climbed into the depths. Fascinating, this whole construction with the car lifts and so.
We then once under the Elbe through to the other side and have looked at Hamburg from a different perspective.
From the tunnel, I was really impressed. Walking across the water like this is quite fascinating.
On the way back, we were even allowed to drive up the car lift as a pedestrian, because the elevator driver probably had a nice day. What we were proud of, not everyone experiences it!

 The old Elbtunnel leads under the Elbe in the port of Hamburg - by car or on foot

From the old Elbtunnel we are then beautiful along the Elbe to the Speicherstadt and Hafencity run. Especially the Speicherstadt I liked really well.
However, I have to say that we were really flat after that - or, as Steph so aptly formulated: We smoked the socks!
But overall it was a great day. Miles and miles around, seen a great deal and bought all the more (what the poor man then had to carry with camera).

On Saturday we went to breakfast in the market time in the factory in Ottensen (well, it was also only 2 minutes walk from the weekend home). That was my culinary highlight this weekend and of course this tip came from Steph.
If you like good products and live in or are visiting Hamburg - go there!Walking distance to the train station Altona and really a beautiful small market in a great setting.
Various regional producers and dealers offer their goods there. There is always a current list of exhibitors here.
I could not get out of the swarming.
And the best thing is really the breakfast: You get a pretty cup for 1, 2 or 4 people, with all the delicacies of the Exhibitor is filled. Probably the offer is always different, but we had 4 delicious rolls, butter, 2 types of organic mountain cheese, Serrano ham, dandelion apple jelly, 2 desserts, Greek olives, 2 apples from the old country, 2 latte macchiato and 2 glasses of delicious apple juice from those same great apples. And that for 9 € per person!
It was really more than successful and of course I have also bought diligently ...
Around noon you can then choose homemade organic noodles with a variety of sauces or from a rich selection of Tartes and it make yourself comfortable.
I was really excited and prefer to have some pictures for yourself:

 The market time at the factory in Hamburg-Ottensen
 Fruit and vegetable stall in the market time in the factory in Hamburg-Ottensen
MarketTime i n the factory in Hamburg-Ottensen
 regional breakfast in the market time in the factory in Hamburg-Ottensen

Then we drove full and satisfied to the Jungfernstieg and We took a closer look at the Alsterhaus. Overall, the area is pretty chic and not really my price range, but the houses are just beautiful and the small bridges make the whole thing really unique.
In the Omerkchen in the gourmet department of the Alsterhauses has my heart beat faster again and I've found fine Bouquet Garni bunches and Valrhona cocoa powder, for example.

 at the Binnenalster in the center of Hamburg

After a short break at the Binnenalster, I realized with pleasure that this was under Food Bloggers and back-fairies world famous (well, almost) trading house Laegel is just a stone's throw away.
You do not know it yet? It is a true dream for home cooks and bakers. And this is where the fabled square tart shapes really do exist!
Of course, I immediately took both available shapes with me and was really enthusiastic about the selection.
I just say cookie cutter ...

the selection of cookie cutters in the trading house Laegel

My sweetheart was a bit bored, I was in the 7th baking room.Pauli. Now the man was off to do a program and wanted to go to a record shop in the middle of it all in the neighborhood.
So we hiked from Beatles Square through the Great Freedom and finally found the most rustic pastry shop of all times besides the record shop , A beautiful tiny shop with a 100-year-old pastry chef and wife and cashier of the same age, the confectioner Holger Rönnfeld.
And I'm not the first to discover the shop. By chance I found this entry from HamburchBackblech after my visit (why did not we meet there for a Bahamas cut?).
Anyway I covered myself with some great little things. There were even Leipzig larks, but unfortunately I do not like marzipan.
After a little dangling over the Reeperbahn we had enough.

Saturday evening we visited a friend in the beautiful Winterhude and before the football match (incidentally, I was the only one for Chelsea, having witnessed their finals in London live in front of the stadium) at the Deseo Tapas. And here too I was more than enthusiastic. Great card, wonderful selection and above all fair prices. We sat comfortably outside in the balmy summer wind and it was just beautiful.

Sunday morning we had breakfast in Frieda am Park in Altona. I reserved a table for the nice beer garden, but the weather did not work and it was cold, hazy and occasionally drizzling. Inside it was pretty nice and the gourmet breakfast was awesome! I think we sat 4 hours in this nice café, drank delicious coffee and enjoyed our homemade wholemeal bread and great food choices.

 The Café Frieda at the Park in Hamburg-Altona

It's from the café Only a stone's throw to the Elbchaussee and so we are still strolled down to the shore and have a look at many rusty containers thrown in the harbor. But it was nicer than it sounds and the sun had also surfaced in the meantime.
In the afternoon it then took us another friend back to Winterhude and at 9 pm we drove back to Cologne. Point charge 1 o'clock at night. 4 hours - so you can do it more often.
I was very impressed overall. Beautiful city, nice people, the best tour guide in the world, great shops with a large selection and above all, delicious food.
If you do not want to go to Hamburg right away, you have to start from the beginning to read!
I will definitely go back and finish this report with the words

 Fish makes you sexy - Market stall at the Isemarkt in Hamburg-Eppendorf