Cold corn-pepper-gazpacho (with and without Thermomix)

Actually, I wanted to get into it all August august how cool cold soups like Gazpacho are in the hot summer. If it were not for this unpredictable summer of 2016. So let's go a different way: It's Thermomix Thursday . Yay! And our theme this time is Cold Soup . It used to be not mine until I made this delicious watermelon gazpacho a few years back, which I turned into a slightly spicy strawberry gazpacho for a change this year. Great! So this time, I'm going a step further and dare for the first time to make such a crazy-sounding mix as corn-pepper-gazpacho!

 Corn pepper gazpacho as a cold soup from the Thermomix

I give it too, I was not sure when I discovered the corn gazpacho from The Endless Meal. Maize is such a thing that quickly splits humanity. And then still cold as soup? But I like corn and I really wanted to try something new. So corn-pepper-gazpacho. Where Gazpacho is perhaps not quite politically correct as a name. After all, is one (is it really a "one"?) Gazpacho a cold soup made from raw vegetables. Says Wikipedia. And from the Duden I learn that one can say both "Gazpacho" and "Gazpacho". Ha!

But raw corn? I do not know. That's too much for me. Maybe you are more adventurous, but I recommend to use precooked corn on the cob. What is also great is cooled corn from the grill, the leftover as a remainder, because you then most of the time before eating bread full. Classic. What I would rather not take is canned corn. It just is not the same and I think it's the canned corn that so many people hate. So if you have the chance to get fresh corn on the cob, grapple, peel off the leaves and just cook the corn for 20-25 minutes. Perfect! The grilled corn also gives off a great roast flavor.

Although corn is a staple ingredient, it's not so superficial in the cold soup. It is perfectly accompanied by yellow peppers and yellow tomatoes, so that the corn-pepper-gazpacho gets a wonderful aroma with light sweetness and fine acidity. I also serve them with fresh lime juice and coriander leaves. You already have the perfect lunch on a hot summer day.Keep a few grains for serving. Put the rest in the Thermomix. Thoroughly wash the peppers, core them and cut into pieces. Put the pieces in the Thermomix. Wash the tomatoes and add to the Thermomix as a whole. Peel the shallot and add to the rest of the vegetables. Add olive oil and vinegar to the mix pot.


Slowly increase the Thermomix until level 10 and let it run for 1 minute until the ingredients are finely pureed.


I'm serving the gazpacho bit by bit - If you prefer a finer consistency, simply brush the mixture through a fine sieve. Season the gazpacho with salt and refrigerate for at least 2-3 hours.


Spread the gazpacho in deep plates to serve and serve with corncobs, lime juice, coriander leaves and olive oil.

More ideas for cold soups from the Thermomix

But what would the Thermomix Thursday be with just one recipe? Simone from S-Küche and Zorra von Kochtopf will be there this week. Do not the cold tomato soup look delicious?

Chilled tomato soup made from oven-roasted tomatoes from S-kitchen

 Chilled tomato soup from oven roasted tomatoes from S-kitchen

Porra antequerana from kochtopf

 Porra antequerana by kochtopf