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The Porch is a fine dining experience. Servicing central Oregon in the city of Sisters  for more than 4 years, we offer a relaxed atmosphere and elegant setting. Reservations are recommended as seating is very limited in this exclusive restaurant. Ask about our Anniversary and Birthday specials!  



Brandie D.

Really great food, staff was wonderful and the environment was relax yet fancy. All and all was a great dinner!The fries are delicious. I had the curry with chicken and wasn't disappointed. And the cocktails were on point.


Paula F.

Outstanding little restaurant with limited hours.  This adorable converted house has ample street parking.  Indoor and outdoor patio seating are available.  A quaint bar sits in a little room in the center of the restaurant.  The ambiance is casual, cozy, and social.  My bf and I visited this quaint restaurant with his family on a Friday evening. We had reservations for a party of 6 at 7:30 pm.  When we arrived, a sign posted on the door read that restaurant was not available walk-ins at that time.  We were promptly greeted, seated inside, and handed menus.  It was too windy for outside seating.The one sided food menu listed a good variety of creative selections.  There were good vegetarian options available in the salads, sides, and appetizers sections.  The other side of the menu listed the numerous "liquid" options. We opted for: several Strawberry Salads, Roasted Vegetables (Brussel Sprouts), Vegan Sweet Potato Tacos, Corn Fritters, Salmon, Meatloaf, Fries, and Golden Peanut Curry.  I was bummed they were no longer serving the Zucchini Latkes but I quickly got over it.  The food arrived in a acceptable amount of time. Everything was plated well, in generous portion and delicious!  Things I noted and thought were important- the fritters were fried but delicious, the tacos were amazing, and there were generous amounts of strawberries in the salad.  The crowd favorite was the Brussel Sprouts, unanimously voted incredibly tasty.Service was very friendly and personable, helpful, and attentive.  Our server had a great great sense of humor.  I wish I could remember his name.The two unisex and gender neutral restrooms were clean, functional, and spacious. I throughly enjoyed this dining experience.  Good company and great eats!  Solid 5 in Sisters, Oregon!


Rebecca B.

We are in Sisters celebrating my husband's birthday and our hotel staff recommended The Porch. We are SO grateful that they did! We went for dinner and had the sweet corn fritters with sriracha aoili- they were perfect. Plated beautifully and absolutely delicious. Then, I had the Mac with chicken and my husband had the steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. Nothing disappointed! Literally the best green beans I've ever tasted, I was bummed that I didn't order them as well. The Mac was excellent, husband said his steak was cooked to perfection. We also ordered cocktails and dessert and they were also excellent. We will definitely be back!


Paul S.

Great home style comfort food for sure. parlor chips are out of this world good. Really proper drink menu and food portions are great. Definitely give it a shot!


Pete N.

Great little spot in sisters. Service was terrific. We ordered the sweet potato tacos arranged absolute must...highly recommend and you could make it your entree. The brussel sprouts were a bit over cooked but very good flavor, and appreciate the added cranberries to the dish. Then had the veggie risotto and it was good...could have been better with more veggies. Finished the night with the coconut creme brûlée and it was outstanding!  Excellent spot and we will definitely be back to try more dishes. Very creative menu.


Cynthia B.

Quality of food and portion sizes were excellent.  I had the vegetarian curry and my husband had the sweet potato tacos.The tacos were an appetizer but came in 4 decent sized portion of sweet potato deliciousness.  It definitely served as a meal for my husband.The curry had a nice variety of vegetables, mild curry flavor, but a good mix of rice to curry portion.  The coconut creme brulee was the highlight of the meal; the top perfectly crisp with just enough custard beneath.  I would highly recommend this dessert and would get it again.Did I mention the complimentary sweet potato (homemade) chips that the waitress brought us?  We had waited quite a bit after we were sat because they were shorthanded for the night.  We didn't complain but she still brought over the chips as a kind gesture.  They were crisp and not oily, so in my book, a win.


Karen H.

We moved to Sisters about 3 1/2 years ago but had never tried this place. Tonight we did. Husband had the ribeye I had the Sweet potato tacos. We both had the wedge salad. Everything was wonderful, flavorful & perfectly cooked. Shout out to Mitch our waiter, he was great. Can't wait for our next visit to try the meatloaf & corn fritters.


Teresa L.

I've visited this restaurant twice now and the food and atmosphere are wonderful.Tonight, I ordered the seafood pot pie, W and another in our party ordered the mahi special with asparagus risotto and another ordered the chicken and waffle.The seafood pot pie is loaded with delicious shrimp, smoked salmon, crab and other shell fish.  The puff pastry is perfect with the dish.  The two who ordered the mahi loved it and ate every bite.  It was covered with a glaze and mandarin oranges.  They said the the risotto was cooked perfectly.The person who ordered the chicken and waffle also ate every bite and loved it.  Our server was very nice and, amazingly, she remembered us from our first visit a couple of years ago.  Now that we live here, this is definitely going to be a place we visit often.


Bj O.

The Porch never disappoints. John and the team produce top quality food. Had an amazing steak and my wife enjoyed her dinner even more.  My favorite is the truffle fries and the clam salad. Even more the wait staff makes you always feel good and know the menu very well. Enjoy


Lady G.

What I ordered made me very sick for one night and two days.  Maybe something was wrong with only the dish I ordered.  But it made me terribly ill with nausea and extreme painful indigestion, a sleepless night and two days of taking extra strength tums.  Even if other things on menu might be good, I will never return to this restaurant.  And I'm still not back to myself yet!!!    At first I was going to just endure and say nothing, but..... too much suffering on my part, so I felt I should warn others. Also, the noise level of a large group made it impossible to visit with our party, and my chair was about to fall apart, super wobbly.  These are important things to address and remedy at a restaurant that's prices and atmosphere should reflect quality for the patron.


Cara E.

My husband & I were in town on vacation with the folks from Virginia. They have very discerning tastes, shall we say. This place was a hit! I love the quaint old home that they've turned into a restaurant. I am vegan, husband & parents aren't. The menu catered to us all! We ordered 3 appetizers & 4 main courses. I photographed them all to share on here. I was worried there may be a wait or that they were full, as it seemed like that kind of place & we had experienced that at the nearby Open Door the other night. The man who answered the phone was very accommodating. We were merely minutes away, and they had a table for 4 all set up for us, replete with glasses of water. This place shan't be missed if you are in town


Scott H.

Came here for a private party and had the whole place to ourselves. I can't speak for another reviewers position that portions were small but I will say we don't seem to live in the same world. I was going to order the appetizer of the shrimp and grits but when I saw how large it was I switched up to sharing the ribs with my wife. Situated in a converted house, much like many other businesses in Sisters the place is definitely cozy. My one knock on the place is they need to add some soft surfaces, like tapestries on the walls to provide some "sound soaking" qualities as my experience was it was hard to hold a conversation across a table due to the acoustical properties of the low flat ceilings and hardwood flooring. The staff was all spot on and made it a point to learn our individual names and use them throughout the evening.


Patrick F.

Pros:Quant / clean restaurant. Friendly server. Truffle fries were DELISHFree birthday dessert (also see cons)Kept waters filled. Cons: Wobbly table. Bread pudding dessert sucked.Menu didn't match delicious looking yelp pictures. Seafood pot pie deceiving (see photo) it's a bowl of seafood soup with a flaky biscuit on top. Not the most seating.


Claire D.

Excellent food, amazing service. What a gem!  I read on another yelp review that it was very helpful to make a reservation & so I called 15-20 minutes before we wanted to go there & when we got there, if you did not have a reservation, they could not accommodate. My husband & I shared the steamed clams & a large roasted Brussel sprouts. So delicious & the wait person Maryssa (sp ) was such a breath of fresh air!  We so enjoyed our evening!


Carol S.

My husband and I continue to love our evenings at the porch.  Jamie is the best welcoming hostess and waitress and she's a big reason we feel at home there.  She makes great food and wine recommendations and her friendliness is magical.  Sometimes I simply have Brussels sprouts or a salad.  We also love the ribs.  It's wonderful having a good food reasonable


Scott P.

Not a Tapas restaurant at all.....instead classically prepared American cuisine with a twist. Chicken, waffles, and spinach, corn fritters, Chilean mussels, and yellow peanut curry are some of the highlights.Nice timely service with a nice bountiful glass of white wine paired to the mussels. We really enjoyed our meal here. Price was fair, service warm and friendly, and food was unique and nicely presented with fresh ingredients. We will be back - for certain.


Lisa M.

Pros: food was delicious and full of flavor. Staff was very nice. Food came out quickly. Has cute and cozy feel. Cons: Expensive! Just the mac & cheese was 18$. The portion of the entrees was extremely small. I am a smaller sized woman and I was still hungry when I left! Would not bring my husband here just for that reason. It is definitely a place to go on special occasion or when someone else is picking up the bill for you


Robert L.

My friends and I had dinner at The Porch and it was a very satisfying experience.  The service was good, the bar was generous and the food was well prepared and tasty.  I would recommend The Porch for a nice casual outdoor dining experience when in Sisters.


Nick B.

Gourmet comfort food is an understatement. This is a top spot to visit in Sisters


Clara B.

I am perplexed by the positive reviews. Perhaps they were having an off night but none of us like the food. The place is cute and the service was fine but the food was mediocre at best. -Latkes were bland and mushy-Mac and cheese had almost no flavor-Seafood pot pie was more like severely salty chowder in skim milk and there is no "pie" about it. There is a biscuit made of pie crust on the side.-The special was overcooked salmon-The chocolate cake was dry. I have had better out of a box mix.Again, based on the other reviews, our experience may be unusual but we won't go back.-

About Porch Restaurant and ReviewsAbout Porch Restaurant and Reviews